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web design

You can’t physically be in all places at all times, but your website can. Potential customers or clients are viewing your online presence before they ever pick up the phone or step in your store. Whether it’s a brochure website or a full eCommerce store, what does it say about you? Does it make sense to the user and address their needs? Does it perform well with search engine optimization? Does it drive specific action? It can. It should. We make sure it will.

Website hosting is a separate charge for the client that should be paid after the design of the website is complete and approved so that we can make it live on the web. Hosting can be paid on a monthly basis or on an annual basis. We typically give our clients full access to their website after it is complete so that they can do any updates as soon as they want it done. Therefore, they don't have to wait for us while we're working with new clients. If you want De Ja Marketing Group to maintain the website and make the updates, it can be done by paying a maintenance fee.

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